about woodville District table tennis club

The Woodville District Table Tennis Club (WDTTC), established as one of the first Table Tennis Clubs in South Australia, has been at its current spacious position since 1960


Our Mission & Vision

Woodville District Table Tennis Club is a welcoming and inclusive sporting environment that ensures everyone; participants, coaches, officials, administrators, spectators or any other person involved or visiting the Club is made to feel welcome, included and valued, regardless of age, ability, disability, income, education, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal attributes.

Why Join WDTTC?

Woodville District Table Tennis Club is one of the top dedicated Table Tennis clubs in Australia with 12 tables of competition standard and we enter teams of all standards and abilities in the main fixture Winter Pennant Competition conducted by Table Tennis South Australia.

Players range from beginners and Smash Hit players right through to Australian and World ranked players. We also run our own internal competitions during Spring and Summer, which also caters for players of all standards including beginners.

Club History

The Woodville District Table Tennis Club (WDTTC), began in a room behind the kitchen of the Woodville Town Hall in 1953 with one, then two tables, and from this meagre beginning, a competition began and gathered support to form a club. The Woodville District Table Tennis Club was formed, and a committee elected. In 1957 a constitution was created, and a search was carried out to find a place to build a clubroom. The current premises were leased from the Woodville Council in 1958 and renovations included an extension on the Northern side for a walkway, and foundations were laid for the Besser block wall that is on the boundary. One of the assistants of the building extension was Mr. Brian Howard, who held the positions of both Honorary Secretary of SATTA, and Senior Vice President of WDTTC.
On April 9th1959 the Mayoress of Woodville Mrs. W. A. Hoskin conducted the official opening of the clubrooms by the ceremonious cutting of a ribbon to mark the occasion, and this was followed by the playing of the Club Championship Men’s Singles Final.
At this time, the building was divided into two similar rooms with a wall down the centre, and when the ballroom dancing for seniors ended their lease, we were offered the whole building which we accepted and removed the wall. The way the building was designed it was simple to make 10 courts with barriers between, and in the years following the club rooms were used for tournaments by some other clubs.

WDTTC has a long history of entering teams in the annual Winter Pennant Competition run by the State body Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA) and bringing back to the Club the winning pennants. During the Spring and Summer, we run internal competitions at the Club which are well supported.
The Club is situated in the suburb of Woodville Park and close to public transport, whether bus or train.
There has been a building upgrade in 2005 and the toilets have been modernized. We have changed the court size so that we now have 12 courts available, and the stadium is air-conditioned.
There are many people who have shaped the Club’s destiny since inauguration, to name any one person would be disrespectful to others. However, a former Councillor and Life Member of the Club Derek Cratchley requires a mention. He began and managed the Woodville Seniors group for many years and maintained that important link to the Woodville Council, and along with Mayor John Dyer gave support to the various past Presidents of the Club, one of which was Chris Leonard who had a distinguished record with TTSA as well as with WDTTC.
A more detailed history is available by contacting the Club Historian Malcolm Boyley – 0474 639 104

Become a Volunteer, Sponsor or Donate Today

The Club appreciates and relies on people who generously give of their time to support Club activities.

There are many ways to become involved; ongoing property maintenance of the building and table tennis facilities; coaching table tennis and/or umpiring upon completion of courses that the Club will fund; supporting the proposed catering provision for members and the local community; marketing table tennis to the community.


Support the Club financially by becoming a sponsor (individualised package to be developed with the Club) or make a donation.

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Want to Join The Club?

WDTTC has a successful junior and AWD coaching program headed by qualified Coaches on Friday nights and throughout the week. There are daytime sessions of social play on Wednesdays and Saturdays which are open to all.

All levels of skill are catered for and beginners are most welcome. Keep yourself fit and make new friends.