Newsletter #22

September Newsletter 2019

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Winter Pennant 2019

Likely teams in the finals are:

 SLR currently 3rd, Div. 3 currently 2nd, Div. 6 currently 3rd, and Smash Hit Currently top.

Club members are advised that that the Grand Final of the Winter Pennant competition “Super Saturday” will be on Saturday 14th September at Newton.

Keep your bat legal and rubber damage free

It is an easy thing to forget to check your rubber for damage after each game but if you get to the Grand Final, your bat will be checked and only minimal damage to the rubber will be acceptable – about 2mm in size.

  • No pieces of rubber missing or torn
  • No exposed wood on edges of the blade
  • Pimpled rubbers not to have a group of pips missing

Ping Pong

Although it’s said that ping-pong was introduced to the Far East by British army officers in the early 20th century, it officially became an Asian phenomenon in the early 1950s. By the time the 1952 Ping-Pong Championships were held in Mumbai, Asian players were dominating  the scene. That year, Japan won four gold medals. Soon after, Mao Zedong declared table tennis as China’s national sport.

Come ‘n Try Table Tennis       

We have arranged two times during the October school holidays to run the free “Come ‘n Try Table Tennis for a Sport” – Thursday 3rd and Sunday 6th October from 10am – 3pm each day. If you are free during these days and times your help would be appreciated.

We thank our Sponsors: City of Charles Sturt, Rosewater Tyres,Tony Stacey Consulting.