Newsletter #37

Quarter 1 Newsletter 2021

Welcome to 2021 – may it bring you happiness.

Please remember the Club and car park including the access lane is a NO Smoking zone.


The AGM is usually in late October, but due to COVID it was delayed for 6months and is on Wednesday night 31st March 2021 at 7.30pm

Welcome to new members:

Anthony Ly, Steve Eldridge, Vashau Pandit, Laslo Dobos, Anthony Montgomery, Abhi Phatak, Domenic Bucco, Frank and Jason Jackowiak, Dharwal Parikh, Herick Emidio and Kshitig Shrestha.

10year Membership PLUS

While I was checking the membership records, the following members have attained 10years, some are longer than that. There are other members I’m sure that will say “I have 10 years also, why isn’t my name there?” Please send me an email so that I can
search and correct my records. Email: [email protected]
Eszter Agocs, Dennis Hartnett, Kamilo Vernik, Scott Howarth, Sam von Einem, Keith Allen, Julie Coombes.

School Hire:
The club was hired for a Secondary School Carnival on Friday 19th February from 8am to 3pm, and 170 students along with 50 staff hired our clubrooms. Luckily, they brought a food van for lunch and coffee. Richard and Malcolm manned the canteen, and it
was during the finals when the noise was loudest that table 3 was damaged by a bat edge. Reimbursement has been made.